Education at VIPS develops among the students a global outlook and perspective while maintaining respect for their profession. The curriculum is designed to sensitize them to current developments taking place worldwide and educate them for the future so that they can be culturally versatile and are comfortable working, communicating and collaborating with people all over the world.

However, what students learn at VIPS is not only curriculum-based,a whole host of co-curricular activities also contribute to the holistic development of the personality. In recent times, the college has taken some bold steps in its pursuit of excellence. Some of the specific steps taken include recruitment of highly qualified and well known faculty, restructuring the course curricula, offering new and contemporary elective courses, modernizing IT infrastructure, state-of-the art laboratories and library and extending international linkages. The students must be endowed with additional skills to meet the ever changing needs of the industry. Campus of VIPS, a place where knowledge fuels the desire for distinction, has always pioneered in serving the changing needs of the industries.

At the onset I would like to thank the faculty, students and all the staff of the organization for their kind cooperation in running the institute and reaching the heights in the profession. I would also thank the management for giving the opportunity and will be upto the expectations and would do my best for the good of the profession and the institute.