Vaagdevi College of Pharmacy,The College of Pharmacy is dedicated to fostering graduates and professionals who will maximize the health of the public by advancing patient care and facilitating the discovery, understanding, and cost effective use of medicines.

Preparing students to enter the practice of pharmacy with the knowledge base and skills required to provide pharmacist-delivered patient care and effectively contribute to the profession. Inherent to the fulfillment of this commitment, students will be provided with the ability to develop problem-solving and life-long learning skills which will facilitate their scholarship achievement. As an entry-level program, this commitment also includes assuring the quality of the basic science curriculum and providing a General Education program that facilitates the development of well-rounded individuals with the values necessary to serve society;

Contributing to the knowledge base of the practice of pharmacy, pharmacy education, and the scientific disciplines represented by its faculty. Also, the college will encourage, and provide opportunities for, student participation in these endeavors;

Providing information, support and services to students, colleagues, the profession of pharmacy, other health care disciplines, and the community at large, consistent with the expertise of its faculty. Also, the college will encourage and provide opportunities for students to perform similar services.


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